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             Lagaan is considered to be a modern classic of Indian cinema, Lagaan tells the story of a central Indian farming village. This isn't the usual boy-meets-girl, boy falls in love with girl, then song and dance sequences, parents objecting to their marriage, boy fighting for girl and finally a union and boy and girl live happily ever after. This movie is about people struggling to fight for their rights no matter what their physical condition is. The village waits for the monsoons to come and rain on its crops, but the ground remains dry. They need the crops to grow so they can sell them, make money and pay their taxes. Meanwhile, British ruler Captain Russell played by Paul Blackthorne demands Lagaan, which is again double the normal amount of tax from the villagers. When it becomes clear that they can't pay, Russell challenges the villagers to a game of cricket, a game they know nothing about. Teaching the villagers about the game falls on the shoulders of farmer Bhuvan played by Aamir Khan, who is the main character of this film. As they begin to learn, the villagers have to go up against Russell, with tax negotiation as the stakes for the game. So if the team loses everyone will have to pay Lagaan, and since Bhuvan accepted the challenge to a cricket match paying Lagaan will be his fault. .
             The movie starts off with the villain Captain Russell, British ruler .
             Dialogues were also very well directed and filmed. They consisted of many close-ups. The camera's perspective was always right in the middle of either the action or dialogue, making the film very realistic from the audience's point of view. .
             As the film progressed my interest increased more and more towards the movie. There are various songs about the rain. I enjoy watching the team working hard at learning the game and wanting to win it. This was an interesting movie to watch. This movie encouraged me to work hard and to fight for my rights.

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