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Huck Finn

             Huck Finn Essay.
             Could a person be considered moral if he neglects the norms of society? In the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", by Mark Twain, I view Huck as a moral person for many reasons such as his, unselfishness, freedom, and his sense of equality with a minority. In the beginning of the novel, Huck's unselfishness is very clear as he gives Judge Thatcher an unearthly amount of money in return for one dollar. Huck seemed to show no value for that money. Even his intellect is shown here when he gives the money away before his traitorous father can acquire it. An immoral individual would have reserved the money, and allow his father to abuse his dirty habits with the wealth. Furthermore, Huck is considered moral because of his desire for freedom. Every kid wants freedom, and should be liable to his own opinions. Huck bases his decisions on his experiences, his own sense of logic, and what his conscience tells him. He is more of a logical person than any other individual he comes in contact with. If he does not enjoy something, he will be frank, and speak of it. Finally, Huck is considered moral because race or ethnicity does not matter to him. This is shown through out the novel as Huck comes in contact with Jim. He respects Jim, and most of his opinions, despite of his color or the fact that he is a slave. This is also where the contradictions occur in the novel. The Widow Douglas owns a slave, yet she calls Huck immoral, and uncivilized. Compared to society, Huck is barely, not even, considered immoral.

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