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             Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself.
             yourself, and how much you like yourself. Self-esteem is related to your worth and value. .
             Building self-esteem is the first step towards your happiness, and better life. It also .
             increases your confidence, if you have confidence, you will respect yourself, which will .
             help you improve your relationships, your achievements, and your happiness. Good self-esteem is .
             important because it helps you to hold your head high, feel proud of yourself, and feel good about .
             what you can do. It gives you the courage to try new things and the power to believe in yourself. .
             Having good self-esteem is also the ticket to making good choices about your mind and body. If .
             you think you"re important, you"ll be less likely to follow the crowd, and more likely to value .
             your safety, your feelings, and your health.
             Low self-esteem can be caused by a large variety of factors. It could stem from the way .
             you were raised, something that your parents did, or something as simple as a friend saying, .
             "It looks like you gained some weight." Your perception of certain activities can make you feel .
             embarrassed, or stupid, which are primary causes of low self-esteem. Your level of self-esteem is .
             based on your own experiences, and relationships that have made up your life. Having positive .
             and fulfilling relationships help raise your self-esteem, negative experiences and troubled .
             relationships tend to lower self-esteem. Things that happen at school, within your family and in .
             your society can influence your self-esteem. Low self-esteem can negatively effect every aspect .
             of your life, from work to relationships. Some studies have shown a close relationship between .
             low self-esteem and such problems as violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, school .
             dropouts, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and low academic achievement. Individuals with defensive .
             or low self-esteem typically focus on trying to prove themselves or impress others.

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