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             In the article "the hardships of long-distance Joint Custody" the author Nick Sheff says that after the divorce of his parents, he was made to live with his father in Berkley, which was far away from his mother's house, and was allowed to visit his mom during the long holidays and summers in Los Angeles. He argues that divorced parents-who have children-should live close to each other, that is, within the same region or in the same town. I agree with the views of the author.
             Living within the same area of divorced parents -who have children- will not affect the child psychologically (mentally). In my anthropology class, I have learned that the divorced parents with children, who do not live within the same area, leaves a bad affect on the child's self-esteem and moral development - physical, mental, social, and academic. For instance, my cousin who divorced two years ago lives in San Francisco and has a child who lives with him. The child has to fly to New York every summer vacation to meet his mom. I have heard from the child complaining about the distance he has to travel every year and saw him crying alone in his room missing his mom and people in (mom's neighborhood) that area a lot. He couldn't concentrate on his studies, hardly goes out with his peers, and couldn't make a balance between mom-dad relationship and peer relationship. Thus, this proves that divorced parents -who have children- living far away affects the child psychologically.
             A child whose divorced parents live nearby will not miss other opportunities like spending time with the friends. For instance, in Indian culture if the parents -who have children- are divorced, the parents are made to live on the same street by the court decision. With this, the children can spend equal time with their mom and dad, and can also take part in the school activities in the holidays like play, sports, and can go on vacation with the school friends; this is good for the child because it will help the child to develop many qualities like good peer relations, good behavior, merit and benevolence among the students.

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