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            It's an incredible thing how complex human development is. How the emotional hands are strengthen by toil and dysfunction, how its muscles, through tearing and repairing, grow with tolerance. I am amazed at how Freud, but more of how Erickson was able to ofter me insight what has been so to say in the Tip-Of-My-Tongue in explaining my own personal influences that has made me the man who I am today, by placing a name to the reasonings of how strongly things have influence my life and how its concreted my perception of others through there actions. We are who we are by the different experiences of our own personal crisis and by our Own way of dealing with them. All this is sumed up beautifully by three broad coherent views that I think ARE the staple our our development.
             Cognitive-The development process of our thought and how and why we communicate the way we do, and the influences of the way we think. Biosocial- the way we were affected by the believes of our family, our culture, the norms of our community .I think church would also be a part of this domain, one that probably has the most influence. The psychosocial- one that I think is the most prominent, the emotions, our love, our friends, and our family.
             I think that all of these domains, seeing it through either Frauds or Eriksson view, have an immediate affect on the others in its own unique way. Heavy crisis that occurs in one domain like a chain reaction influences the others. It, to me, would be wrong to say that someone's behavior can all be blamed for a crisisthat has occurred in a single area of these theories. Because lets say that someones cognitive processes through how one individually thinks, learn and communicates can or is so easily over-dominated by a heavy crisis in the psychosocial domain-influences of friends, a lover, emotions. And a Crisis in the Biosocial human development of a person disrupts the development of both the way a person thinks and it relationship with others.

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