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            What is the nature of the deception being perpetrated in the work?.
             Briony lies to her mother and family (including Paul Marshall, Leon, and her cousins) that Robbie hurt Lola in their quest for the missing twins. She also says Robbie tried to hurt Cecilia in the study previous to the family dinner. Some might say that Briony genuinely thought it was Robbie. However, references to page 159 ( she would have preferred to qualify, or complicate, her use of the word "saw."" Less like seeing, more like knowing.) and 160 (she trapped herself, she marched into the labrynth of her own construction, and was too young, too awestruck, too keen to please, to insist on making her own way back) speak otherwise. There was obviously a doubt in her mind that it was indeed Robbie, however, her encounter with Robbie and his obscene letter to her sister was enough to let Briony lose all respect for him.
             What motivates the deception?.
             Briony obviously had her own motivations in turning Robbie in without any real, concrete evidence that it was Robbie that hurt Lola. It starts with the strange observation she made at the fountain. Cecilia wet and undressed down to her underwear with Robbie certainly must have made a lasting impression on little Briony. A negative impression. Any reader would be able to observe the shock it had on Briony, seeing how she's never seen such an interaction before. Her hatred for Robbie increased dramatically upon reading his accidental letter to Cecilia. The use of the word cunt' was simply absurd to a girl so pure and nave. Then came the scene in the study. Briony witnessed Robbie making love to his woman Cecilia. However, Briony interpreted it as an attack as opposed to expression of love. Lola's false admittance to Briony's eager accusation was the last draw for the little girl. Briony's disturbance with the events of preceding days made her believe Robbie was a terrible man.
             Are the effects of the deception negative, positive or both?.

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