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requirements eng

             The client is a globally recognized multi-billion dollar organization with 150 years in the telecommunication industry. The telecommunication devices they built often have to be introduced from countries to countries, which happens to cost the organization millions of dollars in travel expenses. Thus they request teleporting portal be suited at head centres in its 150 countries it is based. Thus they have requested a teleporting machine control system. .
             The brain of this system is the centralized computer system that controls the diversion of the human body cells into unforeseeable particles which could travel in the speed on light and arrive at its destination forming back into the original shape. Thus each portal will cater for all ages of personnel who wishes to travel in with using the teleporting machine. There is security setting within this control system thus identification using the highest technological advancement, this comprised of eye scanning and finger print identifications. Each portal will be powered using normal electrical outlet with the added backup of motored generated energies in case there a power surge. Thus aswell as the ability to send humans through these portals, Thus these control system can also:.
             • ave ability to send items or things through the portal using a high tech package bag,.
             • highly secured security,.
             • check for the health status of each person who go though the portals.
             All of the portals has its own unique individual identifications so traveling and reaching to it destination will be at ease and with no markups, these portals are can easily be dismantle so changing the site of the portals will be at ease too.
             Goals and Objectives:.
             The goal of the telecommunication organization is to save money on its travel expenses which happens to cost the company hundreds of million dollars annually, thus using the Teleporting machine control system will save the company any travel costs if it wishes to reach from country to country or travel within its own country.

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