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            The sun was up that very hot and humid Saturday morning. I was on my way to Quique's house to pick him, and then we were supposed to pick up some other friends to go party later in the afternoon. While I was driving, I was thinking about a bad feeling that I had before I got out of my house in the morning. I felt like I should not have gone out that day I did not pay attention to it, so I got out of my house. In addition to the strange feeling I had no to long ago, I also thought of my mom's lecture that she had given me the previous afternoon. My mom had toldme not to be taking the car with out my mom or dad permission, and I was watching TV while she was talking so that way I could ignored her. Driving on Juarez Avenue distracted thinking of what my friends and I should do in the afternoon before the party. All of the sudden I saw a Ford truck coming to the intersection ahead at a very high speed. He was supposed to make a stop, and I notice that he was not going to stop. As I was crossing the intersection, I felt the truck that hit me on the rear part of the vehicle so I started spinning for a short amount of time.
             I did not know what was going on. During the time I was spinning. I had just had one of those moments where you could say; "I just saw my whole life before my eyes." After I realized, I was in the vehicle on the other side of the intersection. I was shocked; and at the time, I did not know what to do or think. I actually did not know if I was actually alive or dead considering that my mind had just been blank, actually I had no idea of how long had been inside the car like that. As I was sitting in the vehicle recovering from the incident, I thought of the problem I got me into. The accident was not really my fault, but my dad was not going to see it that way. My mom had told me not to take the car that day and obviously I did not do what she had told me to do. After I realized what had just happened, I just thought of how lucky I was to be alive.

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