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Apologetic Essay

             I am fully conscious of the consequences that my actions have provoked. I was very stupid yesterday, and showed terrible judgment. I should have realized that what I was doing was not in accordance to school policy. .
             If for one second I would have thought that I was going to get into trouble for doing what I did, I would have never even thought about it. I used the reasoning that since it was within the law, than it would be allowed and accepted. When I was called to the office, I could not even think of what I did wrong. I was extremely scared when I was waiting in front of the office; I had no idea what I was there for, for all I knew, someone could have died. It was only when she mentioned what I did at lunch, that I realized that my actions were not acceptable.
             My main reason for doing this was a combination of two things, because I could do this, and because I would look sort of cool, drinking it at lunch. I felt that because the product was completely legal for a minor to purchase, than it would be accepted as if I were drinking pop at lunch. Part of this was for attention, but I do not believe that it had a major part in my decision.
             Colin and I were in Zehrs, and we saw the fake beer on the shelf and we mutually agreed that it would be funny if someone bought that. I assure you that Colin had no part in making this decision; in fact he said "you do know that you could get in trouble for this". I believe my reply was somewhere along the lines of "it is perfectly legal, how could I get in trouble?" After I assured myself that I could not be in any legal trouble, I brought it up to the cashier, asked if the purchase was legal, she responded "absolutely".
             The humiliation that this has caused me is great; the hardest part was having to tell you what I had did. Why would I want this to happen to me on purpose? If I had thought harder that the school would not have liked it, then I would not have purchased it.

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