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Differences and Contradictions

             To His Coy Mistress is a poem that is not hard to interpret and apply to one's reality. It is mainly a story about how a man loved a woman so much and how he admired her only beauty and the passion he had for her. It starts by explaining the boundaries of love and the passion he feels for her. It talks about how much he cares and the way he would want to be with her and nobody else. .
             In every single stanza and line, he states the same and only purpose of this poem. One of the famous lines says as follows, "My vegetable love should grow vaster than empires, and mores slow" This clearly implies that he loves and adores this mistress and that his love is not only there but that it is growing more and more for her. In society today, this is sometimes taken for granted when someone says this kind of lines. It is just because the changes of society now days. I believe that in those times, these were words of passion and truth. This man was clearly spilling his love for his mistress. .
             The poem takes a sharp turn to a different mood when he starts to talk about the way he feels now when she is pass away. He feels that she is no longer there for him to admire and gaze upon. In the line, "Thy beauty shall no more be found" it is very clear that she is no longer there for him. You can tell right away that the poem turns from love to despair and realization of loss. No more beauty, no more blinding realization of love for the flesh. Even though she is no longer there, it is clear that she will always be remember in his heart for the love he had for her. It is like in today's society, love ones are never forgotten, they are just engraved in our hearts. .

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