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Puritanism and Great Awakening

            Puritanism and The Great Awakening greatly impacted the American Society during the 17th and 18th century. They affected the country politically, socially, and economically. The Puritan Church basically ran the newly formed government. As people began to lose interest in the church, this brought dramatic changes to the young and fragile "country". The Great Awakening led Americans to be more tolerant of other religions. It also led the American public to feel more united. These events and many more paved the way for a new way of living in America.
             Puritanism during the seventeenth century had many effects on the American Society. Politically, the church ran the government. So when less people were attending church, the Puritan government received less money and less support. It also affected the young country socially by encouraging education to children. Encouraging children to read the bible and spread the word of God required that they know how to read. The Puritans also affected America economically by encouraging people to work more. The Puritan work ethic stated that not to work is a sin. More people working and making more money gave a boost to the American economy.
             The Great Awakening of the eighteenth century also had a huge effect on the American Society in many ways. It taught the people of America to be more tolerant of other religions besides their own. It also led to the opening of centers for higher education such as Princeton and Dartmouth. It also launched a wave of missionary work with Indians and even black slaves. The Great Awakening was considered by some to be a breakthrough to the American Revolution.
             Puritanism and The Great Awakening affected the American Society in so many ways it's indescribable. From the early affects of a government ran by the Puritan Church to The Great Awakening that led to more competitiveness among churches. These events have forever changed America, and the people of America.

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