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Symbolism in No Sugar

             In No Sugar, The symbol of blood is one, which is significant in establishing the meaning of cultural oppression and the social injustice the Aboriginals are subjected to by the white people. The blood symbolizes the close connection the Aboriginals have to the land and the importance of family in the Aboriginal culture. It explores the Aboriginal struggle for equal rights and the willingness to shed blood for the cause.
             The blood is a symbol of the strong connection Aboriginals have to the land, seen when Jimmy nicks his finger with an axe (pg 16) and the blood symbolically drips to the ground. This dripping of the blood signifies how the Aboriginals feel about the land. It is a very intimate relationship they have with the land, the land they feel is not an object to be possess but to cherish. They have a sense of belonging to the land and not the other way around, of the land belonging to them unlike the white philosophy. White people, ever since the dawn of time have conquered lands and nations and taken the land as theirs to possess and to do whatever the see fit with it. Aboriginals are completely the opposite, they believe to work with the land and preserve it. The Aboriginal belief system is based on the "Dreamtime", where the land is seen as being their "mother". This instance of the blood show how valuable the land is to the Aboriginals and the cultural oppression by the white is not going to deter them from still respecting the land.
             Blood also symbolizes the close knit strong family relationships within the Aboriginals. They have a sense of "togetherness" that permeates throughout the Aboriginal community, starting from the young ones to the elderly. This has been passed down generations ever since the "Dreamtime" and it is evident that in this drama, it is still present. Seen particularly when the Sergeant orders Gran to go on the train, she refuses wailing, "Chergeant, I ain't goin" on no train.

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