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             In the play "Othello" by William Shakespeare, Othello had both some positive .
             aspects and some negative aspects about him. He falls from prosperity to suffering, but .
             not necessarily in a material sense. His fall was from happiness and love, to .
             unhappiness and distrust. He was superior over every other man as a heroic soldier and he was very well respected by everyone. Othello, a black Moor, has spent his life as a soldier and become a general in the army of Venice, Italy. He was a citizen who was respected and had a good reputation. He was a jealous man. He was jealous of Cassio, because he thought he was having an affair with his wife, Desdemona. Othello trusted Iago, an ensign to Othello. Although they were close, Othello should have been wiser. Othello's flaw was his trusting nature. He trusted Iago when he should have not, and ironically, denied his trusting nature; the one time he should allow himself to trust someone. Othello also ended up being a murderer at the end of the play due to Iago's lies.
             One of Othello's positive aspects was his love for everyone especially his wife, Desdemona. Some line's from the play that help understand this love is: "And till she come, as truly as to heaven / I do confess the vices of my blood, / So justly to your grave ears I"ll present / How I did thrive in this fair lady's love, / And she in mine." "Come, Desdemona, I have but an hour / Of love, or worldly matter, and direction / To spend with thee. We must obey the time." He was admired by everyone in the play, even Iago comments on what a good man Othello was. The handkerchief, the most crucial object in the play, symbolized Othello's love to Desdemona, since it was his first gift to her. Othello thinks that the handkerchief shows Desdemona's love and if she was to lose it, must clearly mean that she does not love him any longer. .

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