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"Terms of Endearment"

             The movie begins with Aurora acting as the typical mother watching over her new born baby and worried and checking on her constantly. She even claims that the baby, Emma, at one point is not breathing and wakes her up. This portrays the typical motherly actions with a newborn child. As the movie goes on it is later learned that emma grows into a stubborn impulsive women, while her mother Aurora stays a devoted yet possessive mother. .
             During emma's teen years it can be seen that she is rebellious by how she acts and even by who her best friend is. The most rebellious action that Emma carries out is her marriage to Flap. Aurora completely disapproved of him but Emma dated him and married him against her mothers wishes. This is a common theme in a mother daughter relationship. The daughter knows what the mother disapproves of and does it anyway, almost as if it becomes more appealing when mother disapproves. After Emma marries Flap they move to Iowa because he was offered a job their. It is extremely hard for Aurora to see her daughter leave and be so far away but Emma is happy about it. She finally feels like she is getting away from her controlling mother.
             While living in Iowa Emma and Aurora keep and good relationship over the phone. They talk about personal things, however even though their close Emma remains stubborn and independent. When her and Flap can't afford to pay the bills she struggles with asking her mother for money. She does not want her mother to worry, but most importantly she does not want to let her mother know she was right about Flap. .
             After Emma discovers Flap having an affair she moves back to Texas with Aurora. While in Texas she spends time with her mother and they talk they both seem happy but she goes back to Iowa with flap because he was offered a new job and they needed to move. After moving to their new home Emma is diagnosed with cancer. When Emma found out that she found a lump she immediately called her mother and asked her advice.

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