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            The First Snowfall by James Russell Lowell.
             The poem "the first snowfall- by james russell lowell is about just that , the first snowfall of a season and just how majestic it is. Lowell uses meaningful metaphors to describe succinctly the images of the snowfall. This snowfall brings back nostalgic feelings of winters past and great anticipation for winters of the future. It also dicusses winter's innocence. If we refer to the poem a small girl asks her father the nave question :.
             "father who makes it snow " this simple question brings about .
             the religious undertone found in the last five stanzas. The father .
             answers her questioning with the good all father , God , and follows that with why and how god makes the snow. Snow and snowfall is used as a symbol for healing and god's healing.
             power, that god uses the snow to "heal and hide the scar that renewed our woe."" In the last stanza , the father alludes to the death of one of his other daughters. The last half of the poem seemed to be symbolic of not just god healing the problems of the world and others , but also the wounds and hurt of the father's daughter's death. The author of this poem could possibly be describing his emotions and the way he dealt with the deaths of his children , using this poem as a way to express himself more openly.
             The author's sketch.
             As one of the most talented Fireside poets , the first generation of american poets , James Russell Lowell was set to do great literary works. However ,at the peak of his literary career, a series of tradgies altered the course of his writings for the rest of his life. The death of three of his four children when they were infants and the death of his wife took his focus off of his poetry and he was never able to attain the level he had previously been at. Through this though, his impact on the literary word stood .
             strong . he was a phenomenal poet , editor and critic. The series of three of his most sucessful works were released in 1848 .

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