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If I die In A Combat Zone

             When I first stared reading this book. Tim O"Brien's doubts and thoughts about the war become clear. The way he described everything makes the story come to life. Because of this, I was unable to put it down. .
             I had a few of questions while reading this book. One of those was who I Charlie that he keeps talking about. I later found out that Charlie is the Vietnamese enemy. The other questions I was unable to figure out what they mean. These include what are empty villes, what are cold C-rations, I know that is food but what does it include? Lastly, he says that his mother was a WAVE. I do not know what that means. I wrote these down while I was reading and are planning to ask in class. .
             I can relate to his debate of going to war or not. He is totally against the was and does not want to go. He even plans ways to escape from having to go. The fact that he even had his mother send him is passport shows how close he was to making up his mind about this.
             I had a problem, not at all rigorous as this but it was a big deal to me. I did not believe in going to college after high school. I though that some people including me need to take a year off and work to think about what exactly they want to do before jumping into college. .
             My parents believe that going to college right after graduating is the proper thing to do. They would be ashamed to have their only child to choose to not go to college and to work. Like him, I went back, fourth, and thought of every way to get out of going to college but always keeping in mind my parents feelings. However, unlike him I in that I followed my gut and decided to go to work after high school. .
             My parents were ashamed to tell their friends that I was not going to college. That was the best decision that I ever made. In that time, I decided that I wanted to go to school so I could move up in my career. In addition, I was tired of making $9 an hour. .
             I decided after 1 year to go back.

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