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Robert Frost Bio

            Robert Frost, an inspiring poet, which was once, renamed the "gold gray poet." Frost was an amusing character in his years. He thought that charm and amusement was something that writers needed to have. Frost quotes, "to be at all charming or ever bearable, the way almost rigidly prescribed."(Richardson, 20) He was also quoted to have said, "I'm never serious except when I'm fooling." (Robert, 2) But people often viewed him as cruel, cold-hearted person, even though his poems depicted otherwise. And Frost still received numerous awards for his poetry, including: tributes from the U.S. senate, a Congressional gold medal, and the Nobel Prize for literature. (Robert, 2) Despite the uplifting essence of Frost's work, his life wasn't all sunshine and candy. Frost's father died when he was 11, and his family then moved to Massachusetts. There he graduated high school and tied valedictorian with a women by the name of Elinor White, the two ended up marrying only a year after graduation. But, in 1938, Elinor died of a heart attack. It took him awhile to even begin to recuperate from the tragic loss, but once he did his son, Carol, ended up committing suicide in 1940. Along with that, his daughter Irma suffered from mental disorders (along with Frost's sister Jeannie) and ended up being institutionalized. (Hamilton, 175) Frost died in 1963.
             Even though his poems were mostly considered to be up lifting and positive, the actual writing style of them varied. In the poem "After Apple Picking", Frost used free verse. While in "To Earthward", "Canis Major", "Dust of Snow", "The Road Not Taken", "Acquainted with the Night" and "Going for Water" he chose to use quatrain. He then used heroic couplets in the poems "The Armful", "Fire and Ice" and "Nothing Gold Can Stay". And "Stopping by Woods on a Snowing Evening", one of his most talked about poems, uses more of a limerick style of writing. (Perry, 187) .
             The poem "The Road Not Taken" is one of his most famous, due to its use of literal and figurative language.

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