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            How many times has there been a man who recognises himself as a hypnotist making people cluck like chickens or become a five year old girl? Many people think this is all that hypnotism is used for, but what if you could quit smoking without even thinking about it. There are many uses for hypnotism that could be used in the medical procedures. what if before sugery your doctor told the paitent that they wouldnt feel a thing and to go to sleep, meanwhile the doctor was doing life saving surgery. .
             *Hypnosis has not been recognized for any medical purpose until it has ascended rapidly in the last thirty years. The theory of animal magnatism, however, was developed over two-hundred years ago. This theory, developed by Franz Anton Mesmer, is the basis for all the false and true things said about hypnosis (Haray,K.). Today there are several hypnotherapists in every city, also most psychologsts know methods of hypnotism.
             *There are many uses for hypnotheropy, it can be used for many new never htought of before reasons. For instance if someone has a horrible fear of airplanesthen the therapist could try to find any hidden memorys that the person might have pushed to the subconsious. this would enable them to face their fears and to possibly overcome them. Or perhaps a very overweight man who has always overeaten could subconsiously learn to eat only what he needed and then only very low calorie foods. Many use hypnotherapy to overcome fear and stress by relaxing the subconsis.

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