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Character of Tom Buchanan

             Based on the novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald.
             In the novel, The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Buchanan is one of the essential .
             characters. Tom is presently married to Daisy, who is Nick Caraway's cousin, the narrator of the novel. .
             despite the beauty of Daisy and their loving marriage, Tom continues to be unfaithful and undergoes .
             many affairs; his current mistress is Myrtle Wilson, the wife of a George Wilson a minor .
             associate of Tom. In general, Mr.Buchanan is a controlling, arrogant, and disloyal individual despite .
             growing up in an upper class family. .
             Tom's brash nature causes him to demand a lot from other people. He has a tendency to order and .
             command his peers to do what pleases him. On pg.27, Tom tells Nick: "We're getting off here, I want you .
             to meet my girl-. Tom told Nick to come to New York with him, and because Nick is conservative he .
             followed along. The line before the quote stated that Tom grabbed Nick by the elbow and literally grabbed .
             him by the ear with that previous sentence. On pg.28, "I want to see you, get on the next train."" Tom said .
             intently. Here is another genuine example where Tom tells Myrtle what to do, and she is easily talked into. .
             Tom has easily lured Myrtle, and he knows that he can impose his boastful attitude to make her do .
             whatever he pleases. His dominating personality has worked for him on many occasions but to some it .
             makes him a disliked man. .
             Not only is it his commanding personality that makes him disliked person, but it is his arrogance .
             to everyone else. Tom's arrogance is clearly visible throughout the story. On pg.18, he discusses to Nick .
             and Daisy about a book named The Rise of the Colored Empires. " The idea is if we don't look out the .
             white race will be utterly submerged- is what Tom told them about the book and encouraged Nick and .
             Daisy to read it. This displays his racism and his belief that the white society is better than the rest, but in .

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