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Select three major problems fa

             Chosen Government = Stuart Government = Charles I .
             1629 - 40 Personal Rule , 1640 onwards forced to call Parliament again.
             ( Why? - for MONEY).
             3 Major Problems.
             Charles I's First Parliament - illegal collecting of tunnage and poundage.
             Charles I's Second Parliament - King and parliament rapidly drifting apart largely due to further internal conflict within the court.
             Charles I's Personal rule from 1629 - 1640 and problems it caused, why it happened, Charles' personal views for presiding over England without the help of Parliament.
             Conclusion .
             Overall successes and weaknesses of Charles I's rule in England. Re - iterate the main points mentioned in body of essay AND tie all off with words to produce a strong and memorable conclusion. DON'T RUIN ESSAY BY POOR CONCLUSION!! .
             During the Stuart period in England, it was a time of great change and conflict, largely due to influential members of the governing class. Charles I's rule from 1625 - 29 was epitomised this perfectly. As a monarch was often influenced by conflicting members of parliament who thought that they knew best'. As quoted by historian M.G.R Graves,.
             "the difficulties with the commons were due to a few turbulent and ill-affected spirits' who mask and disguise their wicked intentions, dangerous to the State'. Some few vipers were upsetting the good intentions of the wise and moderate men of that house'."" .
             Such vipers were namely members of Parliament like, Earl of Bristol (Buckingham's enemy) who tried to take a seat in parliament, Thomas Wentworth, whose intentions were to promote good' government , when in actual fact, he turned out to be one of those little niggling backstabbers' who played all friendly but in actual fact just wanted to wriggle money out of parliament. A selfish man whose underlying goals were to get what he could out of parliament and the court for his personal needs and desires. Others included John Pym, Sir John Eliot, Sir Dudley Digges and Denzil Holles.

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