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Athenian Foreign Policy

            Identify The Main Directions of Athenian Foreign Policy during 479-440 BC.
             Between 479-440 BC, Athenian foreign policy was centred around the following areas:.
             Athenian organisation of Greek states under Athenian leadership. Athens was to "Snatch the hegemony- from Sparta and form the Delian league with Athens as the Leader.
             Expansion and preservation of the Delian League, through aggressive military campaigns against foreign states. Policy of conquering states and repressing rebellion of Athenian allies. .
             Athenian aggression towards Persia under Kimon - Propaganda informing allies that this ensured "security from Persia- .
             Athenian independence from Sparta. Athens abandoned alliance with Sparta and formed alliances with enemies of Sparta: Argos and Thessaly.
             Further aggression towards Persia - War in Egypt reflecting "Kimonian- policy towards Persia. Athens attempting to assist with rebellion against Persia in Egypt.
             Athenian alliance with Delphic amphiktiony.
             Truce with Sparta in 451BC.
             Peace of Kallis - Athenian peace made with Persia, reflected by "Athenians dedicat[ing] an altar of peace- .
             Athenian attempts at prevention of Spartan invasion of Boiotia. "Athenians marched out against them."" Fought at Tanagra and Oinophyta.
             Athenian intervention with Sparta taking control of Delphi - "handed it back to the Phokians."" .
             "Athenians made a thirty years peace with Sparta- and returned states that they had taken from the Peloponnesians.
             Question Two:.
             Reasons for the Direction of Athenian Policy.
             Word Count: 554.
             The primary objective of Athenian foreign policy 579-440BC was to expand the Athenian Empire through the Delian League. Thucydides suggests that Athens gave her allies the excuse that Greece was "retaliating for what they had lost- in the Persian Wars. Hornblower explains that the role of the Delian League was not to offer protection from Persia, but for Athens to "impose their will on the allies- and create an empire.

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