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Dawn of Slavery in the South

            It is hard to believe that this American nation today, exists from al the hardships that it had to encounter in the beginning but nothing comparable to the millions of slaves that built America with their sweat and blood. The equally significant combination of economic, geographic, and social factors encouraged the growth of slavery in the southern colonies between 1607 and 1705. In depth, each factor exploited slavery differently but also as an entity; all this established slavery as the primary reason of Colonial America's success.
             The economic factor that played a vital role in the encouraging growth of slavery also served as the primary reason for America's rising. The commodities and natural resources America had to offer taunted European Nobles and common folk alike. Agriculture would later become the backbone of colonial America and took the place of gold as the most sought after market. Tobacco, lumber, and sugar grew became the most sought after commodities, but as economic goods grew in demand so did the demand for laborers. Colonial men and women alone could not provide enough work forces needed. At the same time, large planters were growing increasingly fearful of the multitude of potentially mutinous former servants in their midst. Respectively, indentured servants served as a source of labor in the 16th century but the system of indentured servants fell in the early 17th century. The labor system would be renewed, as black slaves were being imported. To the colonial masters, there was no work black slaves could not endure. Black slaves and the children they birth were the sole property of their masters all their lives and with no wages to pay them they were the most ecumenical way of doing things. The system of transportation used to import slaves benefited both ship captains and colonial masters alike and contributed to economic growth. Colonial masters in need of labors disembarked to the west coast of Africa and there they would find black gold.

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