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Medieval Torture

            Medieval Torture: Inhumane Injustice.
             In the medieval ages people focused mainly on the incredible struggle to survive. It is difficult for us to believe that starvation, tyranny, and oppression were something that the people during this time had grown accustomed to. The value of a single life was considered low, and a gruesome system of punishments was devised to punish those who had done wrong in the eyes of authority. .
             In medieval times, the use of torture was used to force confessions or information on crimes. Torture was also used to punish those who had expressed too much intellectual freedom and were accused of heresy. Also, it was used as an attempt to persuade Muslims, Jews, and others to accept Christianity.
             Various devices and instruments were used to inflict excruciating pain and many resulted in death. Those who had done wrong and also those who were innocent were tortured until they "confessed" or died; if they admitted to a crime, they were executed. One thing is clear when observing medieval torture: all those condemned were punished in such a way that pain was maximized beyond the imagination. By then, the prisoners hoped for the moment that they were released by death.
             Although many torture devices were made to embarrass people, and others to provoke confessions, some were designed specifically to kill. One such device includes the wheel. The victim was placed on the "execution dock" and then restrained so that movement was impossible. They then had pieces of steel placed under all major joints in their arms and legs. A heavy wagon wheel was then dropped onto each joint and the bone connecting them, and bones were obviously broken. Then the limbs became woven in the spokes of the wheel. The wheel was then hung into the air for the birds to pick at the body until the person was dead. .
             Another often deadly type of torture was inflicted by the device known as the pear. The pear was inserted into anal, vaginal, or oral openings in the body, and then opened to cause more pain.

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