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             The book read for my bibliographical essay was Congo, which was 313 pages long. It was about a gorilla and her teacher who went into the African rainforest with a group of scientists to find the Lost City of Zinj and blue boron tainted diamonds. In this essay there will be a summary of the events in this book and commentary about the book and how well it was written. .
             A team of scientists were in the African jungle on an expedition looking for blue Boron tainted diamonds for their company. They were killed by a mysterious force, but before the thing that killed them disappeared, a command control center in Houston, Texas recorded it. At first they did not know what the thing was. It looked like a gorilla because the shape was right and so was the body posture, but the image was blurred and indistinct so they could not be sure. So they called in one of their computer experts to try to clean up the image and make it clearer. The woman's name was Karen Ross, she was a young enthusiastic woman who had years of experience in computer graphic applications, but did not know much about gorillas. She got the image fixed but could not understand why the image was so gray. .
             They called a man by the name of Peter Elliot. He was the leader in a laboratory that experimented with primates. The most recent project they had been working on there was called Project Amy. It involved a mountain gorilla named Amy who was learning American Sign Language. She had learned six hundred twenty signs and could use them in context to form complete thoughts. They asked him to help identify what kind of animal was on their tape, but he was unable to. Ross decided they needed to go to the jungle to see what had happened to the field team and also to try to find the diamonds the other team was supposed to find in the first place. They also had to try to beat a Japanese and a German team to the site, because the other two teams were also looking for those kind of diamonds.

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