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Crucible:Private Motives

             The Crucible illustrates that people's private motivations have major consequences that are far beyond that person's control. These people were the main cause of hysteria in Salem. Three characters that contributed to this were Abigail, reverend Hale, and reverend Parris.
             Abigail's private motivation was to have John Proctor all to herself. This motivation caused chaos in Salem because this gave Abigail a good reason to say that more people were witches. The real chaos started in this situation when Abigail accused Elizabeth Proctor, John proctors wife, of witchcraft. She did this because this was the only thing or person standing between her being with John. In the end though John ended up being hanged and Elizabeth lived and that was a bit ironic.
             Reverend Hale had a private motivation that was to find the witches in Salem. This causes some discontent in the town because the fact is that there were no witches and people were being accused and hanged when they really weren't witches. Hale wanted to believe that there were witches because people were being killed yet he began to notice that people were confessing to witch craft just so they could live. In the end he admitted he was wrong and urged people to confess so they did not get hanged but people did not want to admit to it because they did not want to ruin their names. Hale saying that there were witches had consequences and those consequences were many people hanged and being innocent.
             Now Reverend Parris had a totally different motivation that causes problems in the town. His motivations were greed. All that Parris cared about was money and house deeds. The consequences were that again innocent people were being hanged because he didn't care much about the trials and all he wanted to do is sign for people to hang because he thought it would give him more land and money. The people in the town did not like this at all and were putting threats in his life and he was kicked out of the church and left the town to never be seen again.

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