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             The stages of grieving are split into three separate sections, from the first days after death, to months and years. These three phases can be experienced by anyone having someone close passing away, or even someone connected to you in different ways. I had experienced these phases when my grandma died 4 years ago. The stages start off with:.
             1) - First few days and weeks: Shock and confusion hits hard. Other feelings like disbelief, denial, anger and guilt can be experienced. Not only are the emotions felt, but they can also affect the behaviour of the person experiencing the grief. .
             When my grandmother had first died, it was a complete shock to me. It took awhile to get used to since I was in disbelief since I had just been speaking with her a few weeks before. It also made me guilty when I realised that the time I spent with her was wasted doing other things, and I didn't spend much of the time with her. .
             2) -Months to a year: Changes such as periodic crying, searching for answers, physical illness, loss of appetite, sleep pattern disruption (too much or too little), impaired coordination, limited concentration and emotional outbursts can be experienced. Other feelings experienced can be despair, depression, anger, guilt, doubt, restlessness, impatience, poor memory, loss of energy, and some people try to pretend as if nothing happened.
             When I had reach this stage after a few weeks, I sometimes asked myself why she had to die and experienced one emotional outburst during school. I did not have many symptoms from this stage and I found it did not last very long, but I had still experienced a bit of what can go on in peoples heads during this stage.
             3) -Recovery stage: This is when there is acceptance of the loss and its means. There is a sense of release, renewed optimism, no longer obsessed with loss, renewed energy, regular sleep patterns, an interest in the future, better physical health.

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