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Cultures in Conflict

            There are many different situations in which people can be tolerant. You can be tolerant of your roommates messy living habits, or when a group of people get together to start a band that constantly plays day and night on your hall. Tolerance can only last for so long, then it becomes an annoyance. The Spanish described in Cultures in Conflict, Charles I of England and Oliver Cromwell were tolerant of their rivals for a period of time, however long or short it was, but then decided that they were tolerant long enough.
             In each one of these instances, religion was the main reason behind their lack of toleration. The Spanish, Charles I and Cromwell all persecuted, executed and exiled their opponents because they had a different religion and that religion posed a threat to their religion and way of life. The Spanish were tolerant of both the Jews and the Muslims for a while. They lived together, but it seemed like the Spanish forgot about them. Then, in 1492, when the Spanish captured Granada and united Spain, they decided to turn their attention to the Jews in Spain. The Spanish monarchs, being Catholic, viewed Jews with contempt for not accepting Jesus when he came to fulfill the promises he made to the Jews (Cultures in Conflict p.34). The Catholic monarchs decided to start their expulsion with the Jews, who were more of a religious threat than the Muslims, and didn't fight back. The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews announced that Jews had to accept baptism or leave. .
             Charles I was similar in his treatment of the Catholics and Calvinists in England. He slaughtered the Presbyterians in Scotland, and set up Anglican bishops in all of the churches. Since Charles I was Anglican he and archbishop Laud strictly enforced the Book of Common Prayer. Charles wanted Parliament to raise money for his wars, but they said no. The House of Commons passed the Petition of Right, which Charles was forced to sign, then arrested the Puritan authors of it in jail.

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