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The Manhatten Project

             school; businessmen were leaving for another day at work.
             Then, at 8:15, a single B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, .
             flew over the city and released the single most deadly weapon the world has ever seen, the .
             first atomic bomb. In a matter of seconds, 70,000-80,000 people lost their lives, and .
             many more died of radiation poisoning. Then on August 9, just three days later, in .
             Nagasaki, Japan, another B-29 flew over the city and released a second atomic bomb. In .
             this attack, about 40,000 people died, and a similar number of people were wounded. That .
             night, the Japanese emperor, Hirohito, said "The time has come, when we must bear the .
             unbearable- (Harris-Adler 430). That was the successful result of the secret government .
             installation called the Manhattan Project. The American victory over Japan in World War .
             II was a direct result of the government's excellent tactics in keeping the installation a .
             secret, working through and conducting espionage against other countries, and recruiting .
             men to work on it. .
             As with many things, the government used secretive tactics to keep the public and .
             other nations from finding out about the project. Surprisingly, scientists were able to .
             research and build an atomic reactor without civilian people finding out. The scientists, .
             however, had to look quite extensively for a site. The first idea was Columbia University.
             Kalala 2.
             Later, the site was changed to the University of Chicago(Cohen 24). Once a research site .
             was found, the scientists had to find a site to build and test an atomic reactor. A section of .
             the Cook County Forest Preserve, just outside of Chicago was the first choice. However, .
             that was later changed to an underground squash court under the University's Stagg .
             Field(Cohen 24). Once the test was completed, scientists needed another place to actually .
             build and detonate a test bomb without killing unsuspecting Americans. Los Alamos,.
             New Mexico, about forty miles away from Santa Fe, was chosen.

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