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             We as humans need to socialize with other people just because we are a species who needs to be in contact with more individuals of the same species. The world as we know it, has many different countries, thus there are many different cultures. It is merely impossible to live without knowing a person from a different culture. Some people find interesting to get to know people from a culture different than theirs, and even some of them may find out that they have a special felling towards them. But what happens when people from different backgrounds try to have a steady relation?.Some of us might think that it could work just because "love can survive everything", but the most logic answer is that there are serious divergences between those two people, which can certainly be able to destroy that relation. In the story "Grace", the author Robbie Clipper Sethi shows us an example of this divergences (such as the Hindi culture customs, can't be stand by a person who is not used to them) and how they ruin what it could have been a great couple.
             It is realistically impossible to pay no attention or ignore the principles that one's culture has engraved in our selves. In our story, Inder receives a letter from his family back in India asking him to "come back and "settle down" with "a good girl of your own choice"." (Beaty, 613) The petitions of his family are quite awkward for a person who has been exposed to a completely different culture such as the American. Nevertheless, he must obey his parents wishes just because that is how he was taught in India, that is his culture, the one he cannot ignore. On another part of the story, Grace asks Inder why his mother has not gone back home but he says to her: "In India a parent is always welcome." (Beaty, 615) The behavior of Inder in this case is that of a person who identifies categorically with his culture, therefore he doesn't seem to give importance to anything else but his culture.

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