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            Comparing and Contrasting Versus Beowulf and the Monsters.
             The three battles Beowulf fights in the story have many similarities as well as differences. There are also many details to look at when comparing and contrasting the three battles. Questions such as where, when, why, and how was the battle fought can bring up many points to support a similarity or a difference. Each of the three battles is unique from the other two but they all also share some characteristics.
             Each of the battles featured a different monster with a different motive and a different fighting technique. The first monster was Grendel. Grenade's motive for destruction was his jealousy of humans. He was angry and jealous of humans because he was cursed to be a monster. It was not his fault. He had done nothing wrong to deserve a punishment so harsh. He inherited this punishment from his parents who inherited it from Cain. So Grendel was very jealous that he could not live life as a human and he was very angry. This jealousy drove Grendel to destroy the lives of humans and to terrorize them. Grendel fought different from the other two monsters. Grendel chose to fight with his bare hands. Grendel does not choose to use weapons. He assumes his claws are powerful enough to destroy any person brave enough to stand up to him.
             The second monster was Grenade's mom. Her reason for attacking the Danish Kingdom was revenge. She seeked revenge for the murder of her son Grendel. She wanted the people that had killed her son to die. Grenade's mom chose to use a dagger to fight with. The weapon that the monster chose to use in battle always directly affected the weapon Beowulf used so in this battle he used a sword then later a magical sword.
             The third battle was with the dragon. The dragon was angry because someone had stolen a gold piece and he wanted it back. Of course the dragon just flew off of his handle and became very angry.

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