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I know why the caged bird sing

             I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.
             Well this book is starting out pretty boring. After reading the beginning of this book, I am coming to the conclusion that that this book is going to be very boring, and at the same time, very similar to the book, To Kill A Mockingbird. That is not a good thing. As for this literature log, it is already very obvious what the main themes of this book will be. Racism will without a doubt have a huge impact on this book. From the scene where Maya is trying to figure out why "Momma" was addressing the white girls as a Miss, it can be said that Maya will struggle throughout the book with white supremacy. This should be the major source of the arising conflicts she will encounter.
             Pages 40-50.
             I thought the role Maya's parents played was pretty interesting. Maya's grandmother played more of a role as the mom. However, Maya and Bailey both saw their mom and dad as celebrities. They looked at their parents in awe and that had caught me offguard. I was a little surprised at this and think of it as silly. What importance as parents will they play if their children do not view them as parents? I can already notice the importance that their grandmother played in their lives. She was a strong woman who displayed quiet bravery by hiding blacks that were in trouble, even though this put her own life in danger. Maya will obviously get many good qualities from her grandmother, although I don't know what the advantage of living with her real parents is. I guess that is just life.
             pages 62-72.
             This part of the book is very real. Mr. Freeman raping Maya was a horrifying event of her life and one that she will never forget. I felt pretty bad that Maya thought that this whole thing was her fault. She probably blamed herself and as a result, experienced feelings of rejection and wrongdoing. I guess that is why the library became her second home. She must have used books as an escape.

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