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The Kennewick Man: Who was he? Really?

            The Kennewick Man: Who was he? Really?.
             In early America, there have been many debates as to who were the first inhabitants of the American continent. There has been proof of explorers by purpose and by accident that can claim that they have been to the "New World" before Columbus. With that in mind, how could these claims be proved? The simplest way would be is to leave some sort of mark in the place that has been claimed by a certain type of people. Ways that could prove there has been a claim to the new world could be by artifacts, such as ancient ships or materials that were on the vessels that landed on the shores of America. Furthermore, by actually living and dying in America before Columbus holds much more ground in the debate of solving who inhabited early America. By actually staying there and inhabiting the land you are on for a duration of time gives much more evidence for archaeologist's to excavate, or to stumble upon. With enough scientific evidence an archaeologists hypothesis could be proved regarding who were the ancient inhabitants of early America. In the case of the Kennewick Man, the ways of proving where a single body originated in order to establish where he came from had to be proved by using a many scientific methods. One of the most important and interesting was by cranial class-ification. In order to understand why this was an important part of the attempt to uncover who the Kennewick Man was, a brief introduction of the discovery of the Kennewick Man is needed to see why facial reconstruction was used along with other techniques in order to find out where he was from. With a good interpretation archaeologists hope to put a place of origin to the "Ancient One" in order to solve the controversial mystery of the Kennewick Man.
             In 1996, two young boat enthusiasts went along the Columbia River in the state of Washington discovered a skull. As the rest of the body was discovered it was first treated as a crime scene.

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