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             More than likely, every teen in America has thought about how great it would be if the drinking age were lowered to eighteen. Parties would be filled with enough alcohol to last through the whole night, and every young male in the U.S would get laid. The world would become a better place. Then again, if the drinking age was lowered, more accidents by drunken teens would increase, and there would be more outraged parents polling to increase the drinking age. As our nation learned in the 1920s, the solution to alcohol-related tragedies does not lie in prohibition. If anything, a higher drinking age might encourage irresponsible alcohol consumption, by equating alcohol with freedom, rebellion, and maturity. .
             As eighteen-year-olds have legal responsibility for their actions, and are at no greater emotional or physical risk from alcohol, it seems illogical to deny them the same privileges as other adults. Of course, this statement is predicated upon a belief in the free society - namely, that individuals possess the freedom to make bad choices, provided they accept full responsibility for them. Although some people might justify that argument on the basis of protecting citizens, such a policy amounts to a negation of freedom in general. After all, we must remember that we make thousands of choices each day. Each choice results in both positive and negative consequences. For example, when we decide to postpone our term paper an extra hour by watching television, we effectively make a trade-off.
             If the drinking age were lowered, the economy would benefit the most. Instead of stealing alcohol, teens would now be able to legally purchase their beverages from local liquors and grocery stores. Which means crime would decrease, and the small businesses would spend less money on security features such as surveillance cameras. .
             Most adults and officials argue that lowering the drinking age will only add to a corrupt society.

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