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Fresh Lemonade

             It is a tradition in my family that during lunch time our meal should be accompanied with home made lemonade. Every day during lunchtime my family gets together to taste my unique home made lemonade. Although making lemonade sounds easy it is not. It has a process that you need to follow step by step. .
             Picking the proper lemons is the first step in making lemonade. Make sure that you pick up the most yellow lemons. Those are the ones that have more juice. Buy one pound of lemons, which usually run under one-dollar per pound, and also you can have extra lemons to make lemonade during the week. .
             After choosing the lemons carefully the second step is making sure that your house's kitchen has some necessary equipment for making the lemonade. Find a two-quart pitcher. Plastic is nice but glass pitchers allow the liquid to shine through and add festive coloration to any refrigerator shelf. Next, find a knife, a wooden spoon, a one-cup measuring cup, a water faucet that spouts drinkable water, white sugar, and an ice cube tray full of ice and at least but most important tool a squeezer. Then you are ready to mix.
             Grab the knife with your right hand. If you are left hand feel free to use your left hand. Next, cut seven lemons in half. At this point squeeze the lemon juice with the .
             squeezer into the pitcher. Notice how the lemon juice flows into the pitcher. Immediately, take the measuring cup and scoop two cups of sugar into the pitcher as well. At this point adding the water is a crucial step. Place the pitcher under the water faucet and slowly turn the cold water on. If the water is turned on too quickly, the lemon juice will splash all over the place.
             After the pitcher is filled within two inches of the top, turn the water off and get prepared to stir. With the wooden spoon submerged three-quarts of the way in the liquid, vigorously stir in a clockwise motion until all of the juice and the sugar dissolves.

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