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Memento Narration

             Usually narration is the most reliable source in a movie, but in the case of Memento its not. The film Memento is told through the eyes of Leonard Shelby who is unable to create new memories after suffering a head injury by a robber who also raped and tried to kill his wife. The only thing Leonard still remembers is everything that happened before the accident. He thinks the robber killed his wife so he sets out to look for him to get his revenge for his wife's murder. In actuality the robber didn't kill his wife, but we"re made to believe this since Leonard is narrating the whole movie.
             Narration in a movie is what most people rely on to know what's going on and what is true or not. The narration sets the tone for a movie so we never really try to question or argue what the narration saying, Without narration in a movie its hard to figure out who's right and who's wrong. Narration is supposed to make things easier for the person to understand, in a way it simplifies and breaks down the movie, this is not the case for Memento though. In the movie Memento at first we want to believe what Leonard is doing is right and that everything he's doing is for the right reasons. But we soon realize that we cant rely on him, we start seeing and noticing things that he doesn't see and that's what makes him a very bad source for information.
             Soria 2.
             The narration in the film Memento and the nature of the film itself makes for a very complex and unique film. It's hard to question the narration of Lenny, but we are forced to do so when we see how his inability to remember faces and things makes him a vulnerable person. Seeing this film raises many questions about narration. Many people.
             after seeing this film may think to themselves how reliable is narration.

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