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The Sedition and Alien Acts

            The Sedition and Alien Acts were passed to protect the United States from foreign terrorists. Many Democratic-Republicans believed that it was against the Constitution. Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State 1778, believed differently. The Alien Act stated that foreigners that seemed dangerous to the country can be removed on the order of the president. Pickering had reasons for defending the Alien Act and concerns about it. It was the same way for the Sedition Act as well, which stated that people would not be allowed to falsely accuse the government in any way be mouth or writing. .
             Pickering justified the Alien act a few ways. He stated that the Alien Law was not affecting the Americans, just foreigners. He believes that the president should be allowed to order out any suspicious aliens he believes are plotting against us. He feels that the D-R Party is overacting thinking it is going to be them getting ordered out, when it will be an suspicious aliens. On the other hand, aliens believe they should be able to stay in America, but it will not be every alien, just the ones that have no interest in helping America into getting its ultimate goal of being the greatest country in the world. This law was intended against those foreigners that are hostile to this country, and it allows the president to further the safety and protection of America. He also says that is absurd to believe that the Constitution is violated in any way by this law. For the Constitution only apply to Americans and to be Americans not "scheming foreigners.".
             The Sedition Act on the other hand, allows punishment to any that print or speak any false, scandalous and malicious writing against any part of the government. This has been falsely criticized as an attack on the freedom of speech or press. Who would want people to have permission to walk around and slander the government in any way? True, people are free to their own opinion, but they can't "utter lies about our neighbor or ur government.

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