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English Imperialism

            In almost every part of history, there has been one leader, whether a group, or one country in particular, that has dominated the World stage. In the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century the British imperial century took place from until just after the Second World War. During this century, the British Empire stretched all over the globe extending its language, its culture, and its economy throughout Africa, India, and Asia. For the most part, the British preferred to rule its empire informally for reasons such as finances, fear of conflict, and governmental responsibilities and burdens. There were times when formal rule was required, and Britain's self image of power and superiority gave it the will to use force if necessary. The British imperialism that expanded the Empire in the nineteenth century happened suddenly and led to great global changes. But the great century ended even quicker then it had begun.
             There is no one explanation for why Britain gained so much global power so suddenly. It has been said that perhaps it was due to British superiority economically as well as its advancing technology and modern society. Some believe it was the Empires way of rewarding loyalist before the Second World War that kept its many nations together. Placing natives who were loyal to the English Crown in charge of others created a base in which the British Government could rule their far off lands. Without this support, Britain would have been forced to use its military manpower and resources that it just did not have at that point. .
             But after the 1930's and 1940's, things changed dramatically for the Empire. .
             Things such as instability in the economic market, radical change in theology of the British Government and a dramatic increase in nationalism within the colonies weekend the empire and eventually lead to its destruction.
             The era of decolonization was directly preceded by great economic strain on the British Government.

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