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My Sprituality

             It's only the first of October and I already feel like my life has changed so much since I've been here at Southeastern College. I feel like the Collegiate Master's Core has given me an environment where I can grow in my relationship with God, and really focus on the dreams and visions he's placed inside me. I guess the biggest issue I"m confronting right now is where does God want to take me, and use me as a spiritual being. I want my spirituality to be more effective than it is right now. I feel like so many times I use my spirituality to make me feel good about myself. I know that in Christ there is great comfort and rest, but I feel like Jesus is saying, Wes, get away from what's comfortable! It's so easy as a Christian to become selfish in my faith, and be so caught up in what God wants to do for me, instead of finding out what God wants to do through me. .
             Another issue I"m dealing with is my lack of spiritual discipline. In The Life You've Always Wanted, John Ortega tackles many of the areas we as Christians fail to discipline ourselves in. I"m realizing more and more (definitely with the help of this book) that the reason I struggle with temptations and trials is because I"m not living balanced in every area of my life. God is interested even in the mundane areas of my everyday existence. He knows that when I can discipline those areas, then, he can entrust me with greater tasks. So right now I"m realizing that God wants me to be spiritually disciplined in the little areas, most importantly my prayer time and devotions. .
             Soren Kerkegaard once said, "Purity of heart is to will one thing." In purity of heart, my desire is to will after the Lord Jesus, and seek Him with everything inside of me. Not only am I longing for passion, but also I want wisdom, understanding, and the truth of Christ to consume me. I know that when I"m able to combine the passion for Jesus with the understanding of Jesus, I can't help but become more like Him.

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