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Benefits of Sun Screen

             Benefits of Sun Screen.
             Whoever said to stop wearing sun screen after summer? Just because summer has ended doesn't mean that the sun's ultraviolet rays have gone along with it. No matter what the season, the sun will always remain a big concern because of its coupling with cancer. .
             Cancer, more specifically skin cancer, is the world's most common form of cancer. Like nearly all living tissue, the skin constantly forms new cells to replace worn ones. But some harmful factors, especially the sun's rays, can damage the genes (hereditary material) in skin cells. When certain genes are damaged, cells can multiply wildly instead of dividing in their normal, orderly way. Unfortunately, cancer arises from this uncontrolled multiplication. .
             Our skin should be treated with extreme care and exposing it to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays for up to 10 hours a day is not a smart idea. The best way to avoid skin cancer is to stay out of the sun completely, and let's face it, no one can avoid the sun for long. Going outside is part of our daily routines and the best way to prevent skin cancer is to protect the skin from excess sun by applying sun screen.
             Doctors believe that people could avoid many skin cancers with such measures as using sun screen regularly. According to Weinstock, chairman of the American Cancer Society's skin cancer advisory group, "They put it on too late, they put it on too thinly, and they don't reapply it as often as they should." In a 2002 survey, Weinstock says, 39 percent of teenagers claimed they were using a broad-spectrum sun screen when they encountered their worst sunburns. .
             Not only can sun screen help to prevent skin cancer, if applied regularly, but it also reduces the risk of sunburn if used properly and retards the pace of skin aging. To maintain the healthy condition of your skin, be sure to apply and re-apply your sun screen. Whether you"re surfing the waves of California or skiing the slopes of Colorado, take care of your skin and put on the sun screen.

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