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            In Jonathan Swift intriguing novel, Gulliver's Travel, Swift uses the literary .
             device of satire to create a sense of amusement. He alters the language in order to .
             emphasize his main satirical points about politics, culture, ethics, and language itself. .
             Swift satirizes about England and its structure of political system, the people, and its .
             justice system. He goes about satirizing his speech by stating the information with .
             respect to the reader and that he was try to "inform" the reader. Swift incorporates .
             various literary devices such as exaggeration and sarcasm to present Gulliver's .
             perception of England and the flaws of several societies.
             In the beginning of the novel Swift use of exaggeration enabled Gulliver to .
             elevate the reputation of England as Gulliver explains England to the King. It helps .
             present England as a well balanced country with many valor and achievements, as well as .
             "virtue." Swift mentions, "Court of Judicature as champions always ready for the .
             defense of their prince and country by their valor, conducts, and fidelity, that those were .
             the ornament and bulwark of the kingdom." (127) Swift uses exaggeration in this quote .
             to make England seem as if it has a pompous reputation and that honor and valor are the .
             dominant virtues of the kingdom. Swift also present the used sarcasm to give the readers .
             a sense of sincerity to England and that it is just like any other country. England also has .
             it strengths and weaknesses, but swift wants to present England with move its virtues .
             than its flows. .
             In part three of the novel Swift is satirizing society and the many flaws it has. .
             Swift satirizes society by exposing its plots, conspiracies, and means of letting money .
             and personal characteristics control a person's life. Swift exaggerates by saying .
             dispatch of business in these countries where senate have power. Exaggerating the .
             projects increases its power increases its power and effectiveness.

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