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             Most boys and men have trouble expressing their feelings. Some men turn their feelings to anger or hate; some just blame the mixed knowledge that they receive when they"re younger living with either parent. As a woman it is difficult to read men: just as a man has trouble reading a woman. Many of my guys friend and even guys that I have encountered have trouble expressing their feelings for fear or rejection, being laughed at by their buddies, being laughed at by the girl, or just because they feel that the girl will tell her friends and they would think he's feminine. Also getting hurt in a past relationship plays a role in expressing their feelings in fear of they will get hurt again.
             I have been very fortunate because I have been around guys ever since I can remember. I have a brother that is 23; and also I have a lot of guy friend ranging from the age of 16-23. Yet I have not mastered the art of reading a guy however, I do have insight into their minds. A lot of my guy friends do not like to tell a girl how they feel about them until three to four months into "seeing" them. So for the first two months they are rude, they don't return phone calls, or they would hang out with a girl one night and wont see her for about a week and a half. My brother on the other hand will let the girl know how he feels about her, will call her, and hang out whenever they are both free. .
             I have been "seeing" a guy for about a month. To me, it is impossible to read him. He would call me one day, then I would call him the next and he wont return my phone calls. He has not told me how he feels however from what I gather he likes me. But, then he would do something that questions the fact. For example, we would hang out for three nights then I won't see him for about a week. I think it has to do with the fact that his two best friends are single want to hang out all the time and he's afraid to say anything because he don't want them to think he's choosing a girl over them.

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