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struggle for american independ

            Within the history of all nations there exist occasions which show a sense of nationalism by its citizens. These occasions show how people pull together to show or celebrate all of their pride for their nation. Some of these occasions mark a nations break from an oppressing country that may have had a hold on the smaller nation. Such an occasion was that of July 4th in the United States, which marks the break away from the English and their rule over all of the new settlers of the New World. Another such occasion in an Eastern European nation is that of the Velvet Revolution of 1989 in Czechoslovakia. This revolution marks the break away from the Soviet Communism by the Czechoslovakia citizens. .
             Comparisons of the revolutions in Czechoslovakia and in America enable us to look in some detail at their attempts to vanquish two of the strictest regimes in Eastern Europe and in Northern America . The events took them in opposing directions, yet united them in their hopes. These two countries, despite sharing the same objectives, are now remembered very differently. They are in many ways the two extremes, Czechoslovakia - 'The Velvet Revolution' so named for being civil and without deaths. To compare the revolutionary events we must establish both the economic and social situations leading up to the revolution, the reasons behind them, the isolation experienced by both countries, and the significant roles of the media, government resistance and the way in which demonstrations were conducted in both countries.
             There were many people in Czechoslovakia and everyone might have had a different experience of communism. If there is a person asked how to compare the communist days and the present, the answer might be: It is like comparing bananas and apples. One's views on communism depends from person to person. Rich people were satisfied with communism. Working people also did not have any trouble because they were getting money and were fulfilled.

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