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Marraige Rites

             Arranged marriage what a concept, who could ever imagine having someone picked for them with any say so what so ever. But at the same time what an awkward concept of struggling through a large part of life looking for that "soul mate" that everyone fantasizes about. .
             While struggling through the humdrum single life, arranged marriage, at times, is so appealing many people have already booked one way flights to India. So much time is wasted on dating, not to mention money, good grief one hundred and twenty dollars for a nice meal hoping to impress a girl, but then to find out that she has the personality of a donkey. This is frustrating not only for the male but for the female as well. From a females point of view, here comes this handsome member of the opposite sex, she is instantly swept off her feet, dinner couldn't go better, and then (after a week of waiting by the phone and calling the phone company to make sure there is not a problem with the line) reality sets in this guy HATES the poor girl. Once again the girl must swear off all guys with her other single friends over a bottle of wine and small fire in which pictures and notes may be thrown into. What a waste of time. From the day of birth these marriages are already thought out and carefully planned. No time is wasted, not one penny is spent in vain, and it all works out, American culture definitely has it wrong. .
             On the other hand there is the hopeless romantic in everyone, even those who refuse to admit it. This side of everyone's personality allows him or her to dream and anticipate for that day when they too will find their true love. For girls it is their Prince Charming waiting there to ride off into the sunset, and for guys it is the Pamela Andersons of the world who know every professional athletes stats, and can cook as good as mom. One of the best example to offer is those girls who go to college with no other hopes but to obtain the infamous "MRS.

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