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Sir Gawain

            During the hunt scene there are many games that are being play both in and out of the palace. The games begin with the rules of the palace being introduced, that is whatever one person has happen to them or receives during the day they need to share with the other at the end of the day, no questions ask. The games begin on the first day with the host going out to hunt deer. While he is out hunting deer the host's wife is "hunting- Gawain. Gawain is in bed pretending to sleep and is "awoken- by the host's wife attempting to seduce him. Her advances are turned down and she settles for a kiss, which Gawain then shares with the host. The host returns to that palace with a huge catch of deer which he shares with Gawain. The next day the same thing occurs she chases Gawain and the host goes after the boar. Again Gawain only allows a kiss, which he later shares with the host, and the host returns with a boar's head on a stick. The third day the host hunts a fox and Gawain caves a little and allows a kiss and a green belt to be give to him of which he only shares the kiss with the host. .
             These scenes show a trend in the hunt and the bedroom scenes, that is there seems to be a correlation between the increased difficulty of the hunt and the increase in the aggression displayed by the host's wife. The are connect in that more and more skill is need to achieve their goals, though the wife is looking for what seems to be more than a kiss but seems content on receiving that kiss. The animals on the other hand are getting increasingly more difficult to hunt when comparing the deer to the boar to the fox "from easiest to hardest. There is also and issue that if something were to happen between Gawain and the wife that due to the rules of the palace that Gawain would have to perform some sort of homo-erotic act with the host of the castle. This is something that he is not focusing on but is in his mind.

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