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Floppy Disk

            New storage media is being developed all the time. Whether floppy disk production should be continued or discontinued is under discussion. Many computer manufacturers and computer users are expressing their thoughts about this issue.
             It can be said, that the era of the floppy disk is over. Developments on magnetic diskette technology have stopped, whereas developments on optical technology continue. Magnetic technology is writing and reading data through physically touching the disk surface with a needle, whereas optical technology is using a laser. According to Richard Shim, the blu-ray Disc is going to be the "next-generation recordable DVD [digital versatile disc] format using blue-violet lasers," whereas the current DVD format is using red lasers.
             Floppy disks are not so widely, but still used today. Many people nowadays switch to the compact disc (CD) to store their documents, movies, photos and music because the capacity of a floppy disk can not withstand the requirements of today's data. According to Linda Musthaler, "Dell says that this move is customer driven." To accelerate the switch, Dell will discontinue integrating floppy disk drives on their higher end computers, such as the Dimension 8250 models, first. In a CNN article, it was said that those users will more likely utilize other storage media, like a universal serial bus (USB) hard drive. Peter Lewis also mentions that Apple discontinued integrating the floppy drive five years ago. Instead there is a SuperDrive capable of reading and writing CDs and DVDs.
             Size does matter. The two major disadvantages of floppy disks are physical size and capacity. CBC news says that little more than a megabyte is simply not enough in today's digital life. According to Richard Shim, the miniature blu-ray disk prototype, developed by Phillips, is a 1.18 inch disk that can store approximately one gigabyte [1024 megabyte] of data. Compared to a 3.

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