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Excessive Trust, The Fault of

             Can she trust a man, a stranger, that offers to give her a ride home at ten o" clock in the night? She would most likely decline the offer, considering that she does not know him at all, that it is late, and that he might be a criminal of some sort. Or she could take the risk, and trust him. Trust him with her life. No, she won't accept the ride, she won't trust him if she thinks it over. If she placed her trust in him to quickly she might have entered the car and could have never be seen again. One, not given when it is convenient, must form trust. Jane Austin, author of Pride and Prejudice, suggests that the characters are to trusting of their fellow citizens, and this trust later leads to great follies in intimate relationships.
             Jane's trust towards Mr. Bingley's sister results in Jane's lack of hope, and the ache in her heart. Jane receives a letter from Mr. Bingley's sister with very surprising information about Mr. Bignley, the man she has fallen in love with. "Miss Bingley's letter arrived, and put an end to doubt. The very fist sentence conveyed the assurance of their being settled in London for the winter. Miss Darcy's praise occupied the chief of it. Her many attractions were again dwelt on, and Caroline boasted joyfully of their increasing intimacy, and ventured to predict the accomplishment of the wishes which had been unfolded in her former letter" (115). This letter indicated that Mr. Bingley admired Miss Darcy, and Mr. Bingley now being an inmate at Mr. Darcy's house. Jane wondered if Mr. Bingley had any feelings for her at all. The complete lack of communication from Mr. Bingley as well as his sudden move forced Jane to believe that the relationship was over. Jane believed Miss Bingley with her whole heart, and trusted that every word she wrote was the truth. The truth however, was withheld in this letter. Mr. Bingley really loves Jane, but his sister and good friend, Mr.

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