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Abercrombie, the poet

            Lascelles Abercrombie was a noteworthy playwright and poet. He was the least known of the four Dymock Poets (Ourworld, 1). This group of poets consisted of Robert Frost, Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, Edward Thomas, Wilson Gibson, and John Drinkwater (Wikipedia, 1). This group of writers and poets created an Annual called New Numbers. Lascelles Abercrombie was separated both geographically and eternally by war. His insatiably loved partner in literature, Rupert Brooke, died in Greece as an effect of World War One (Ourworld, 1). In 1910 Lascelles Abercrombie wrote "The Box- which describes war as a merciless tool that destroys the innocent. Abercrombie warns in this poem, "Kindly do not touch, it's war."" .
             This poem takes place in the land of Hush-A-Bye in the days of Yore. A box is bound very tightly displaying a warning of war. The women and children obey the caution, while the men do not. The box is opened, a ball of war bounces out, and the innocent are the victims. The author states that men are wise enough to restrain the war once again. Whether they decide to utilize this knowledge makes all the difference to those suffering from the conflict.
             Bodle, Chance 2.
             Abercrombie lived through the terrors of the First World War (ourworld, 1). The theme of this poem is simply that war causes suffering among innocent bystanders and has no calluses to the destruction it induces. Abercrombie .
             conveys that men have the wisdom to contain war and maintain peace; yet, mankind so far chooses to disregard this capability. The knowledge of the absurdity of war has been an archetype since the creation of man. Yet no .
             matter how civilized or technologically advanced society becomes, mankind still appears ignorant to the annihilation and death that war incites. Another possible theme is that men incite trouble. "Mommies didn't either; sisters, aunts, grannies neither Cause they were quiet, and sweet, and pretty in those wondrous days of Yore.

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