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             A very important figure in the field of economics is Sean Combs, commonly known as P. Sean Combs was born in Harlem, New York thirty-two years ago. With an interest in music, he ventured towards a career in the hip-hop industry, starting out as interns with record companies including Arista and. Since then he has become a rap superstar, started his own line of clothing, a charity, owns a restaurant, and is a multimillionaire. .
             Life hasn't always been so peachy for Diddy though. On December 27, 1999 Sean Combs was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of stolen goods. Combs and his at-the-time girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were originally brought in for questioning when a search of their car, pulled over for running several red lights, produced a gun. It was also established that Combs, his two friends and Lopez were involved in a dispute at a club shortly before they were pulled over. The dispute produced gunfire injuring two men and a woman.
             Puff was brought into the jail in Manhattan and was released after 24 hours on a $10,000 bail. After Sean attempted to bribe the driver of the car with $50,000 and a platinum ring to state that the weapon was not Combs, but in fact his, his bail was raised to $150,000. The prosecution originally had what seemed to be concrete witnesses to secure a maximum sentence of 15 years to Combs. One of these witnesses was Matthew "Scar" Allen, who instigated the fight with Combs" entourage. He had been confirmed by the prosecution as an important witness who would accuse Combs of firing a gun in the club and then trying to buy his silence. Allen coincidently was absent from the trials" proceedings and when found the defense managed to prove problems with his testimony. The jurors had to sort through eight eyewitness testimonies. Three prosecution witnesses said they were absolutely certain that Combs brandished a gun, but five defense witnesses, (who surfaced after the charges and volunteered to testify) claimed his hands were empty at the time of the shooting.

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