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             Soya alert over cancer and brain damage link; Special report: what's wrong with our food? The Observer. Retrieved August 16, 2003, from http://observer.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,353660,00.html.
             In my research I came across this article that discusses the dangers of a product called Soya, where concerns were raised about the health risk of breast cancer in woman, and the risk of abnormalities in infants for whom Soya milk is used as infant formula. Two senior American government scientists made this particular warning.
             "A health warning was sounded last night over the dangers of eating Soya after two senior American government scientists revealed that chemicals in the product could increase the risk of breast cancer in women, brain damage in men and abnormalities in infants."".
             This raised concerned among scientist who feared endorsing a product, that had claims of health benefits.
             "Daniel Doerge, an expert on Soya, said: 'We have very real worries that this health claim will be used by the industry as an endorsement of much wider health benefits to Soya beyond the heart. Research has shown a clear link between Soya and the potential for adverse effects in humans.'-.
             I found that Soya was used in many other products other than Soya products. There are millions of people who use genetically modified products everyday but aren't aware of it. I found this same scenario throughout my research.
             "it is not just vegetarian foods such as tofu that use Soya. It is a key ingredient in products from meat sausages and fish fingers to salad creams and breakfast cereals."".
             The product in question Soya Was found to have serious effects on animals that it was tested on. Problems altering the sexual development of fetus that rose concerned about it safety. .
             "lead to health problems in animals including altering sexual development of fetuses and causing thyroid disorders."".
             One factor that may have lead to the scientists speaking out against this genetically modified product was the possible effects on the undeveloped fetus.

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