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critic of shakespeare

            In "Othello," there are enough stupid, merciless, and backstabbing people to make you truly question Shakespeare's sanity, not that most of us haven't, but it does give you the feeling that Shakespeare is really just a highly delusional, paranoid, psychopath, you know kind of like Stalin just without the power and constant purges of society. If only Shakespeare had been born in the time of T.V. perhaps it would have rotted his mind before he got the chance to write this truly tasteless play that mine and countless other generations will no doubt be force to read. At any rate the biter diatribe on humanity had a slight bit of incite into the human soul and the acts of evil and betrayal that are so common in the story and in real life, provided of course that it is possible to reach the lofty heights of stupidity, lack of for site, and malice that are portrayed by his unbelievably petty and inane characters. Well enough with the author I"d say it is now time to actually critic the acts of honor and betrayal in this pitifully simplistic excuse for a play.
             First of all the first act of betrayal comes in the beginning when the classically blonde character of Desdemona betrays her father to marry Othello, after all "if thou hast eyes to see. She deceived her father." 1.3, 95 This is one of those things that really just makes me angry, Shakespeare tries to use the tool of foreshadowing but misses the mark pitifully. At any rate this frankly shows one of the points at which a character chooses to betray the people they are close to, after all it says it in the overly dramatic, and poorly thought out line. This could have also been thought of as an act of honor, if you look at it from the angle of Desdemona or Othello, after all this could be seen as honoring the relationship that had been forged between the Desdemona and Othello. .
             "O Murderous slave! O villain!," 5.1, 56 Iago shouted as he stabbed his friend Rodrigo sending him to his death when only hours before he had been a good friend and accomplice.

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